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It is without question that Jesus Christ is the most influential person in human history. His name is known around the world, but do you know what the Bible really says about Him? Is He really who He claimed to be? What is His message for us today?

In this 12 part series on the life and ministry of Jesus, Dr. Ed Hindson invites you to join him as he teaches on location from the places where Jesus lived, died, and rose to life again. In each chapter, Dr. Hindson provides sound biblical teaching on the evidence surrounding each part of the life of Jesus. With over five hours of stunning video footage, this study will make the words of the Bible come to life right before your eyes.

The Jesus of the Bible set, includes 6 DVDs, an illustrated booklet, and a map of Jesus’s journey. You can follow along through each step of Jesus’s time on earth in twelve 30 minute videos.

Lesson 1: His Miraculous Birth

Lesson 2: His Baptism and Temptation

Lesson 3: His Galilean Ministry

Lesson 4: Calling His Disciples

Lesson 5: Sermon on the Mount

Lesson 6: His Parables

Lesson 7: His Miracles

Lesson 8: His Kingdom and Church

Lesson 9: Answering His Critics

Lesson 10: Jesus Predicts the Future

Lesson 11: His Arrest and Trial

Lesson 12: His Crucifixion and Resurrection

Join Dr. Hindson as he walks in the footsteps of the Light of the world. Come and discover the Jesus of the Bible.

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