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On “The Victory Hour” we teach the clear word of God to hundreds of thousands of people around the country every week.

We see hearts touched and lives put back together as many come into a meaningful relationship with the Lord God through Jesus Christ.

This would not be possible without the support of our television family.

We would deeply appreciate your prayerful support of this ministry. Your gift will go for airtime and limited production expenses for our programs. We make the most of every dollar as nearly all of our work is done by volunteers.

This ministry is built on over 67 years of television history as the oldest in the country. You can trust that your gift will be carefully spent by a ministry that you can trust.

donation-linkPlease help today by making a donation or by becoming a regular contributor to this ministry as one of our seed casters.

In these troubling times, we have come to the conviction that time really is short and many must come to a relationship with the living God. I hope you will join us in this great work of faith.